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You are presently at the promotional and informational website for VOLUME II of my 3-Volume AGAPE TRILOGY book set. I recommend that you first read VOLUME I, before reading this brief introductory content of Volume II.

Volume II, upon completion, as my other two volumes, will be extensive:  it will contain extended narrative and analytical prose, as well as numerous photographs of places and events; names, identities, and photographs of transgressors discussed; and copies of a large body of police reports, all confirming and chronicling the narrative.

My AGAPE TRILOGY will work reciprocally, and indeed symbiotically, with my other multimedia platforms, including my musical project MESSAGE OF HOPE, book length poem LOVE POEM, Love-themed radio program BROTHERHOOD OF MAN RADIO, and other of my creative streams such as my design of meaningful t-shirt and other promotional messaging.

I'm afraid, then, that names or identities, behavior and acts committed or omitted, and identifying photographs of persons featured in this book as examples of bad, or sparingly, exemplars of good, are going to receive a comprehensive and permanent global multimedia, that is, multiplatform treatment, including rigorous exposure and discussion across all media all over the world.

Individuals unconcerned with the inevitable sullying of what they consider their good name and public reputation should consider the effect on their children of such tarnish, and their continuing and intensifying acquaintance with the crimes, or at least gross cruelty, of their parents. At such future time that now-young children begin asking:  "Mom, Dad, did you really do those things to that man?" "Did you really treat him that way?," unless one wants to add insult to injury by lying to one's children, awkward and uncomfortable answers of "Yes, we did" will have to be proffered.

Brothers and sisters, hurting people rarely turns out well.

. . . . . .

LOCAL NEIGHBORS:  I cannot produce work of this quality, and better, with present noise levels in the neighborhood. Please completely and permanently cease all noise, with special reference to property-care, which must categorically from now on employ quiet, healthy, time-tested legacy tools such as rakes, brooms, scythes, reel mowers, bins, and buckets and gloves, only.

As its object is the establishment of a fully loving world, my work ultimately benefits everyone, even those whose behavior is indicted in its pages. Therefore, it's in everyone's interest that working conditions exist conducive to the further production of work of this quality and scope. Additionally, if conditions exist to permit me to work properly, I will likely put Berserk, New Jersey on the map. This owes to the seminal nature of my thesis (the need for a Love-based world and the assertion that Love is extensible, that is, can shrink and grow dynamically to form the basis both for personal relationships and a new global economic structure) and the high likelihood of commercial success of this work in its several forms, especially linguistic and musical composition, once published and promulgated, given my skill in presenting my thesis to the world in a manner that is highly commercially appealing, especially in concert with my other multimedia projects supporting the same thesis.

[NOTE:  you might wish to learn what you and your children are breathing in through use of the mechanized equipment that you're presently using, by viewing actual scanning electron microscope photographs of the particulates and ultra-fine particulates generated by this loud, dirty equipment, especially the leafblower, an extremely deceptive piece of equipment.]


NOTE:  Names of individuals and locations, below, changed until final publication.

March 23, 2021


Today I was forced to do something atrocious that should never be needed, but in this neighborhood of cruelty and poor character, even toward the elderly ill, evidently it is:  I was forced to purchase noise-blocking headphones...for my 90 year old mother. This, in the attempt to protect what remains of her hearing from the jet-engine volume leafblowers and other hyper-loud landscaping equipment used by several landscapers, one in particular whom I sardonically term "BlowerBoy," who operate continually on my block at the behest of a group of five families who continually hire them.

Were one, half in jest, to posit a rough analogue between these five families and the "five families" of La Cosa Nostra infamy--you would not find me too strenuously opposed:  both groupings, generally speaking, trade in narcissism, to the point of death, if required.

I've reached out several times to one of these families, these neighbors of death responsible for bringing in such equipment and causing such pain, but they have and continue to ignore me. One of these individuals, my "neighbor" right across street is Avia Barnyard, wife of Mischa Barnyard, calling himself a "rabbi."

Avia, a key BlowerBoy enabler on the block as she continually hires him, asserts herself at her website as an individual of great emotional depth and skill, exerting a positive, if not downright loving influence in the world. Quoting, her website asserts her as an:

"...Innate Health educational consultant and Transformational Seminar Leader. For over a decade, Avia has been teaching and facilitating mental and emotional transformation through workshops, seminars, community events, and private consulting sessions." ... ...trained as a life coach...Her work has inspired hundreds. She has helped transform relationships, families, and communities."

In an email communication dated October 29, 2019 to Avia, I wrote:

" is inappropriate and disrespectful to ever permit the production of inordinately loud noise when a nearby resident is elderly and quite ill. A respectful, even spiritual, silence, or very close to it, should rule the day in such a case."

Response? As has been the case for any email communication I have ever sent to Avia:  no response, of any kind, whatsoever. Nothing. Zero. Complete radio silence. Nothing but explicit and unadulterated disrespect for myself, my Mother, and my family. Based on the deplorable treatment that I receive, indeed, the cruelty, from this and several other "neighbors" on the block, including this woman, Avia, who has "...helped transform relationships, families, and communities," I've evidently been anointed the Rodney Dangerfield of Fallen Court, the street on which my family and I have resided for over 25 years at the time of this writing, much of which time has been utterly miserable for us.

So much for any elevated behavior or morality based on the religion or "God factor," whether Judaism or Christianity.

Brothers and sisters, the probative reality is that neither I nor my family has ever harmed a soul on this block--explicitly to the contrary, in fact. Were that the same could be said of several of these other families, here, especially as they publicly and indeed conspicuously represent themselves as "Godly."

Yet another cruel, misguided, and counterproductive joke that Humanity plays on itself.

March 26, 2021



I'm feeling trepidation at the possibility that "The Retard" (aka two-bit leafblower boy, or simply, BlowerBoy, who is obviously socially-retarded, thus, his chief nickname) will make his Spring appearance today, bombarding us for literally hours, as usual, with the sweet, lilting melody of his lyre, uh, sonic death ray, or DebrisCannon, euphemized with an erroneous and highly misleading touch of whimsy as the innocent "leaf-blower."

The problem is that no one on this block has the presence of mind, decency, civility, grace, consideration, kindness, or even basic knowledge of the physical and psychological topography of the elderly, especially those of very advanced age such as my beloved Mother who is 90 years old, who may be nearing death and are thus in a fragile emotional as well as physical state, to whom the deafening, jet-engine-like whine of the DebrisCannon, especially as used for literally three and four hours at a time, as The Retard does on this block, would be utter and explicit anathema, not to mention a possible cause of death for someone of that age and condition of health.

Were this to happen, my family would initiate, without fail, a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the blower operator and his employers, that is, several of my "neighbors," and the blower companies for failure to produce a safe product, and failure to ensure that its operators were trained, followed their training, and of sufficient minimum intelligence to operate this clearly dangerous device in a safe and mature manner.

In fact, I've just given myself an excellent idea:  I'm going to secure an attorney and have them send these families legal and official medical notification of my Mother's state of health, with a warning that said DebrisCannon noise, expulsion of ultra-fine particulates, and other pernicia could cause, or contribute, to her death. This way, when the lawsuit is instituted, our prosecution team can accurately and honestly assert that these families were warned, thus likely ensuring a Manslaughter conviction for one or more persons and companies.

The Wall Street Journal states:

"The California Air Resources Board estimates that one hour of gas-powered leaf-blower use generates pollution equal to driving a car 1,100 miles."

I don't see how a jury would fail to convict the blower operator and their support team, including the blower manufacturer, and those who hired the operator, of murder, manslaughter, or contribution to serious injury of a 90-year-old woman who lives in the immediate vicinity of the use of the blower, for how could such a fragile individual remain unaffected by a hurricane or tsunami of airborne filth, readily infiltrating windows and doors, equivalent to driving a car 1,100 miles?

Moreover, the blower operator servicing five of the families on this block, three orthodox Jewish and two Christian, often blows for hours on end when he works here. He is obviously padding his bill, as well as, likely, attempting to further terrorize me, as he knows that the blower noise is highly undesirable to me. Accordingly, my 90yo mother, as well as many others on the block, and the operator, himself, is exposed to far more than just one hour of airborne toxicity, and gaseous and particulate filth from just one visit. He makes numerous visits over the course of the landscaping season, and at other times of the year.

Believe it or not, this would actually constitute the second time that the premature death of one of my parents was caused, or contributed to, by an orthodox Jewish family on this block. I wish I were kidding, except I'd never kid about something like this. Such persons, as I've concretely experienced them, thus far, on this block and elsewhere for about ten or more years now, seem stupid, immoral, narcissistic, and ignorant, and hence very dangerous. Note use of the qualifying modifier seem, and perhaps an even more charitable conceptualization, instead of asserting that such persons "are" stupid, or even "seem" stupid, would be:  they seem greatly influenced or affected by the phenomenon of stupidity (© Copyright 2021 Vincent Frank De Benedetto).

Continuing:  the more frequently and severely that my family and I were injured in this neighborhood by them and others over the continuing arc of our time, here, the more this book cried out for writing and began to justify its own existence. As I am a writer, this is precisely what I'm doing. And recall that this website contains merely a shell of the finished work. The entire completed Volume will tell the tale in far more explanatory, compelling, comprehensive, and frankly disturbing manner.


Last night, my Mother tried on her new noise-blocking earmuffs, as well as another pair that we already owned, and both were extremely uncomfortable for her. She is female and over 90 years old. It's unclear at this time whether I'll be able to find a pair that she can use. If not, she'll be subject to the full force of the DebrisCannon's deafening, jet-engine-like sound, volume, and vibration each time it's used. She may not survive this.

March 27, 2021



Mercifully, no DebrisCannon activity today--so far. And none, yesterday, when I was on pins-and-needles much of the day, anticipating the start of the din. In fact, it was my intention yesterday to speak with the Woman of God, proposing that she not cause any DebrisCannon noise until I had a chance to speak with she and her husband, the Man of God. This task of preparation became extended in large measure because I was completely sleep-deprived, and because of its complexity:  what to say, how to say it, and would she even respond to my telephone call or message? Or perhaps hang up on me as it appears was done last time I called, at 2:00 am to apprise them that they had left their automobile lights on.

Without such a, or any similar, din, many strange and wonderful things happen:  I can write, think, or prepare a meal for my Mother or myself, that is, simply live, without the intolerable distraction of the hyper-loud machinery, undercutting my every moment, although, as described, below, the fearful and anxious anticipation of the start of the noise comprises its own painful distraction.

March 29, 2021



Other than my usual amped-up workload caring for my Mother, the day here on Fallen Court, seen superficially, has been quiet. No sign--or more to the point, sound--yet of "The Retard" with his DebrisThruster.

This quiet, however, is not the kind of quiet people generally want. The quiet that I'm experiencing today, and any day when a visit by The 'Tard is expected, is a superficial quiet, an unsatisfying and indeed unhealthy quiet, a faux-quiet.

It's the quiet before the storm, the quiet before the military invasion of your homeland, the quiet the night before your father's major heart surgery, the quiet before the key job interview that you've traveled 3000 miles to undergo, the quiet as the home invasion thugs lick their lips deciding who to rape first, your wife or your 13-year old daughter, the quiet of the grade school classroom at 3:15 pm with school letting out at 3:30, as the weak and fearful student ruminates on whether today is the day that the feared bully will accost them on the way home.

A condition of quiet is not determined simply by the absence of sound, that is, sound waves traveling through air, but by one's internal state. The complete or near-complete absence of agitation. The quiet of today and such days is an exterior quiet--my interior state and condition is anything but quiet.

April 10, 2021



I have reason to believe, or at least suspect far more than before, that my mother suffers tinnitus. I came to the same conclusion regarding myself about a week ago.

If we have it, we likely got it from "The Retard", as he's been bombarding us for years with his deafening blower noise. He just did it recently, in fact, several months ago at the end of the landscaping season when he came marching fast right up Dimwitz's driveway, blower in hand already evidently at its highest, and loudest, throttle.

The din was truly deafening, and indeed frightening in its way.

Mr. Dimwitz once asserted to me that Judaism was a religion of "love and peace." I've lived next-door to him now for probably over ten years, and I see neither love nor peace coming from this guy. In fact, given 1.) his propensity to allow deafening blower use on his property on a regular basis, 2.) regular seasonal use of his own loud gas lawn mower, and 3.) the incessant din produced by he and his wife in closing their vehicle doors, all extremely serious problems that, to no avail, I've complained about, I'd have to assert that peace, particularly, is a notion utterly alien to this man. Moreover, since in completely ignoring my protestations of pain in the face of all this horrible noise that he permits, enables, and even contributes to, himself, I'd also have to state the obvious in asserting that neither do I see Love, another notion obviously foreign to him, coming out of this guy.

Actually, a correction:  in the case of his very noisy vehicle doors, Dimmy Dimwitz did not merely ignore my painful protestations, he actually formally charged me with Harassment, a charge that resulted in a court-ordered mediation agreement whereby we cannot speak to each other, even on matters of gravity, save the perfunctory "Hello" and "Goodbye." Ergo, though his vehicle doors continue to cause me pain of various kinds--I can no nothing. And as BlowerBoy continues blower use on this block, with the obvious blessing of the Dimwitz', expect my and my mother's hearing to degrade further.



"Love, Properly Understood, is the Most Powerful Social Force Available to Humankind."



When philosopher, writer, journalist, social theorist, musician, and inventor Vincent Frank De Benedetto and his family relocated within the then deathly-quiet, people-and-life-affirming, elder-friendly North Jersey city of Berserk, New Jersey, neither he nor they could have known that they had inadvertently stepped into a neighborhood-in-transition, soon to inexorably and mercilessly devolve, as this completed book will illustrate categorically and with dispiriting clarity, into a Hell of neighbor narcissism, social and moral incompetence, and cruelty that would ultimately help to claim the life of his beloved Father, and almost his Mother and himself. A key offending element in Mr. De Benedetto's neighborhood, though not the only one, has been unnecessary, overwhelming, and interminable noise (book link below), and the obtuse and cavalier (that is, unthinking and uncaring) deportment of those producing it and permitting its production.

As the depth of transgression and the fact and gravity of consequent pain became increasingly clear, real, overwhelming, and persistent, Mr. De Benedetto resolved to document his experiences, as a way of coping, and a powerful pedagogical tool to help prevent such behavior everywhere, and indeed provide a long-term assist in the moral revolution that he already knew was needed. Thus far in its history, Humankind hasn't yet found, nor ever really sought, a way to avoid the perpetual conflict that occurs at every level, and indeed thus far largely defines us. At the local level where most of us reside, an untold number of people experience conflict with their next-door or nearby neighbors that they haven't been given the tools to resolve, resulting in pain in one or more forms. Most extreme and unfortunate are the neighbor-murders-neighbor events that periodically characterize the news, though thousands, perhaps millions, more suffering persons injure their offending neighbors in less extreme ways, from persistent rudeness to low-level acts of vandalism or criminal mischief, while many exact no discernible revenge, but simply live debilitated lives because of continuing tension and conflict with offending, insensitive neighbors. Tension that never does, or, according to Mr. De Benedetto, can, get resolved in a world based not on Love, properly understood, the most powerful social force available to Humankind, but on a pernicious symbiosis of profit and ego.

When published, study Mr. De Benedetto's story, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, one such narrative, to understand this pathological dynamic, said understanding so critical for redress and correction in this age of terror, and errant and easily compromised and breakable military, consumer, computing, medical, and social technologies. In fact, observes Mr. De Benedetto, human behavior in the local community and the weak system of morality that informs it, is no different than that in the global community, making the social, and with the final reality of nuclear war periodically in the headlines, existential import and implication of this work categorical and clear.

As the finished volume NEIGHBORS OF DEATH will explicate, Love, properly understood, is more important to the fate of the world than ever before, which is one reason that work in this generally remote area of social science is critical, and thus does Agape Master De Benedetto elect to toil, here. Of special interest to the work is polar phenomena:  behavior that is especially moral and behavior that is especially immoral are both of note and must be studied, the former for approbation and emulation; the latter for opprobrium and rejection.

The events and behavior presented in this book, and the individuals generating, or associated with, them, fall under the latter category, and must accordingly be deconstructed and examined.

With its two counterpart volumes, forming a 3-volume set (link below), and Mr. De Benedetto's other supporting work in various media forms treating the same themes, such as his musical release (link below), NEIGHBORS OF DEATH is clearly among the most important writing of the 21st Century, for it defines, explains, and supports the assertion that Love, properly understood, is essential if our species is to actualize, that is, reach its full latent potential in every sphere of human existence, and perhaps even survive, in this age where the transgression and misery of old (crime, hatred, violence, greed, bigotry) is compounded by the new (terror, hacking, climate change, social disconnection, disinformation, nuclear war), to create a pernicious and insidious matrix capable of birthing a likely irreversible negative condition of existence and state of the world--that of the deadly phenomenon I term nonLove.

The work of Mr. De Benedetto not only asserts, as do other written works, that we should love others, but presents singular and comprehensive arguments regarding why, and uniquely and importantly, how.


When is a house not a home?

When is one not the "King of their Castle"?

When is "There's no place like home," deemed irrelevant?

As is "Home is where the heart is?"

We can likely unearth many such sweet slogans, observations, and adages about the relationship of an individual to where they reside. But what if they don't apply?

Each of these slogans and others like them find their root and predicate in a basic positive orientation and relationship with a person and their home and property. Not all neighbors, however, permit those around them to maintain such a salubrious relationship. Some neighbors, focused solely or principally on the affairs, concerns, and day-to-day activities of themselves and their own families, leave those around them, the other neighbors, out of the happiness equation.

They generally do this by engaging in some activity that one or more other neighbors can't tolerate. For example, playing their radio loud outside on a Sunday morning may be heaven to them, but it's likely hell for the neighbors around them. Or it could be something like the jarring and interminable (i.e. never-ending) cacophony of the closing of the back hatch and doors of a car every Sunday morning, ruining the morning for the neighbor right next door. Perhaps committed by an immature, egoistic, and intransigent neighbor resistant to productive conversation and cooperative steps to resolve the problem, but instead perversely inverting the dynamic, calling the police and claiming to the authorities that the peaceful efforts of the victim to discuss and resolve the problem constituted "harassment."

This tactic, called moral inversion, is one of the most shocking in the pantheon of nonloving behaviors, especially if you've never experienced it. The transgressor may employ it deliberately because he's base and stupid, or accidentally, because he's simply stupid. My morally bankrupt, socially-inept, and arrogant next-door "neighbor" Mischa Dimwitz employed this tactic with my family, and my own sister employs it all the time:  I single-handedly perform 98% of all family tasks, then assign her the remaining 2%. But instead of simply dutifully performing her 2% while being glad that's she's absolved of the lion's share of the work, almost always attempts to throw the 2% back on me, trying to get me to do it, and implying that I'm somehow morally or functionally deficient for not agreeing to do so.

Slimy people, that is, those who are lazy, dishonest, manipulative, or otherwise immoral, whether neighbors, family, colleagues, or others, will say and do almost anything in self-service.


This volume does not seek to imply that my neighbors of death, locally and elsewhere, and familially, my own sibling and members of my own extended family, have never proffered or committed good and loving actions. They have. But their injurious actions have been extremely serious in their own right, doing grievous injury, and far outweighed the good. Thus, their inclusion in this book as examples of undesirable human behavior and attitude.

Were the neighbors of death to begin to attempt to reverse their actions, or begin the regular commission of loving acts, this elevation would certainly be included in the narrative, here.


When is a house not a home, etc? When your immediate neighbors violate it, so much of the time, in so many ways, directly or through the actions of those they hire, that 1.) you're made to feel that you and your family don't control it, or 2.) when the nature of the violations causes continuing substantive physical or psychological injury to one or more of your family members.

Violations would commonly include 1.) noise, which itself is often accompanied by vibration, toxic emission, and particulate generation, including particulates most hazardous to the body (especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly), called ultra-fine particulates, or UFP's; 2.) physical trespass of property, typically generating anxiety and fear among family members; 3.) the phenomenon called "chemical trespass," whereby, for example, your neighbor next-door applies lawn chemicals to their property, and these chemicals enter the airstream, which they always do, traveling to your property, ending up inside your house and inside the bodies of your family members, and even pets; 4.) physical encroachment of non-persons, man-made. For example, my street is narrow, which may be why so many residents and visitors, alike, park in front of our house--right on our sidewalk, causing the perception of physical encroachment and intrusion. As I asked a principal transgressor at the time:  Why don't you just drive through my front window and park right in my living room, while you're at it?. We might term this vehicular trespass.

Another form of violation is 5.) physical encroachment of non-persons, products of nature, for example when the neighbor's BlowerBoyo covers our new car with filthy debris from a garage roof right next to it, that his hired co-worker has just blown with the so-called leafblower; 6.) trespass of debris or refuse, which has, and continues to happen to us, as well, typically by our dim-witted neighbor to the left, whereby they don't properly secure their garbage. At this very moment, in fact, there is a box, now smashed, in our driveway blown there originally from the property of the Dimwitz family; 7.) smoke, 8.) odors, and finally, 9.) the transmission of fear, itself, from neighbors who may have threatened violence or actually committed it against you or your family--and I've had both; 10.) criminal mischief; and 11.) actual vandalism.

My family has, and continues to, suffer every single one of these antagonistic and hostile actions. And I refer only to those acts of which we're aware. There may have been others whose consequence or effect was invisible or transient.


Why This Title

And when one or more of the aforementioned insults causes, or threatens to cause injury, or even death, and this real or threatened instance of injury or death is so strong and produced by more than one neighbor, that neighborhood or city block must be identified and labeled as DEATH-ENABLED, and its residents as DEATH-CAPABLE (a less gentle term would be "murderous"). Hence the apparently grandiose, melodramatic, and overstated, but in fact comprehensible and accurate, hence correct, title of this book, as it gets right to the heart of the matter, which is that we human beings maltreat each other routinely, and oftentimes, unwittingly perhaps, to the point of causation of DEATH. When said threat occurs with regard to an elderly or ill person on the block, as, again, continues to occur here, as my beloved Mother is 89 years old, very ill with multiple maladies, and her bedroom is right on the street, that block or neighborhood must also be identified and labeled as ELDER-UNFRIENDLY.

In fact, much of what comprises global culture, generally, and American culture, in particular, promotes death, whether actual, acute, and instantaneous, or chronic, slow, and incremental.

To wit, then, and all things considered, do I fully and vigorously affirm the warranty and description of this title, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH.


[ray zon det']

The reasons for this work, VOLUME II in my AGAPE TRILOGY, are:

  1. PEDAGOGY. I want to expose these events in the attempt to prevent them from ever happening again to anyone else, anywhere, at any time. I want the world to understand itself and its crimes far better than it presently does, and seek to re-engineer itself to "build-out" the likelihood of such deplorable cruelty being visited upon others, ever again.

  2. JUSTICE. I wish to begin to lay the groundwork for the LETTER OF CATASTROPHE that each will receive, informing them that their actions in regard to such-and-such incident on such-such date, have caused great injury, describing said injuries and reminding them of their actions. Each LETTER OF CATASTROPHE will include a formal compensation set, likely consisting, at the least, of an extremely high cash compensation amount, a written apology, and an oral apology, and reversal of damage done and injuries committed, insofar as such corrective steps are still feasible.

    The cash compensation amount must be extremely high so that paying it off will likely be a lifelong struggle--or it doesn't carry any punitive or remedial value.

  3. SHAME. The persons mentioned in this book caused substantial injury to me and my family, for which I'm comprehensibly angry. Shaming these persons, if they can feel shame, by exposing their crimes and identities in permanent form such as a book, as well as my other prose, and my poetry, music, and later my radio program, is one possible route to an appropriate public shaming.

  4. POWER. A hallmark reality implicit in these events is that the transgressors had power and I did not. Through the platform of writing, however, especially as my books are published or otherwise become popular or of formal note, which I believe they will be, I'll find myself with power. The power to control, through my writing.

  5. LOVE. I wish to further the, and my, effort to promulgate Agape, and create a loving world.

  6. REDEMPTION. I wish to assist the transgressors, if they wish such assistance, in redeeming themselves.


Our neighbors are, literally, everyone on planet Earth, according to my definition of Love. Indeed do I teach that we're all brothers and sisters in one human family.

My definition of Love:

Agape, or Brotherly Love, is the active consideration of, and acting upon, the interests of other people, all other people, in more-or-less the same proportion as you consider (and usually act upon) your own interests.

This Introductory site mentions local neighbors, but in fact my finished volume will also indict my own sibling, the behavior of whom for years now has been utterly deplorable, as well as a much wider range of individuals than merely local neighbors or family members.

Even some of my own behavior in years past, before my level of awareness became so high, was problematic. Nor am I perfect now. Accordingly, the finished volume will also underscore my own transgressions.


External indication of fidelity to theological principal is problematic and unreliable in this neighborhood, and, of course, everywhere. For example, it appears that certain of the residents in Mr. De Benedetto's neighborhood, principally Orthodox Jewish, rather than exercise both their humanity and theology by cooperating in the amelioration of pain, most of which they, themselves, have caused, and in doing so elevate themselves, appear despicably to be conspiring to coax Mr. De Benedetto to sell his family home, thereby attempting what they hope will be a simple and straightforward elimination of what they see as the "problem," him, and in so doing further illustrate that they are, in fact, deeply dishonorable and hypocritical individuals. Mr. De Benedetto transmitted a letter to two of the individuals in question to initiate a process of resolution and healing. The individuals in question never responded to the letter, even to its simple request, which could have been dispatched immediately, for confirmation of receipt of the letter, as it was an email.

Curiously, however, within about 24 hours of its transmission, Mr. De Benedetto received two separate telephone solicitations, by two separate individuals, inquiring as to whether he would be interested in selling his house. One caller conditionally asserted a high price the property might obtain; the other stated that she represented an "investors consortium."

Such neighbors are as petulant children unable to understand the ministrations of the adult; ignorant and ill-mannered students revolting against, and oblivious to, a teacher of commitment and wisdom; or a ship's rowdy and self-interested crew conducting a thoughtless, cowardly, and ill-informed mutiny against a sober and capable captain.

Even Mr. De Benedetto's large placard permanently displayed in his front window presenting the profound and important words of Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr. on the subject of LOVE, doesn't appear to elicit sensitivity and solicitude or otherwise influence behavior.

Mr. De Benedetto states that he can't yet confirm that these calls were initiated by his neighbors in a backwards attempt to drive him from the block, and thus rid themselves of their moral responsibility--but it appears so, based on the timing of the calls, and their number. If, in fact, representing deliberate action by a certain sub-grouping of neighbors, this proposed "solution," itself, comprises a further dastardly action that is explicitly and obviously immoral, and explicitly inimical and contrary to a process of healing and resolution, locally, and globally, to building the structures of wisdom, morality, and Love that have become essential in this age of 1.) ubiquitous and insistent technology of every kind, often throwing up as many social and economic roadblocks as roads 2.) continuing possession of nuclear weapons by state and perhaps in limited measure nonstate actors, and 3.) the slow but inexorable rise in social and economic expectation by every manner of human being across the globe.

In a dynamic that almost contains a shade of humor, these neighbors just can't seem to do anything right. That is, in accord with a sober, mature, and reasonable standard of moral behavior--that associated with Judaism, their own religion--or anyone else's. These errant neighbors seem the Keystone Kops of the Orthodox Jewish world. As the book will explicate, at work here might also be religious bigotry, bigotry a particular form of stupidity, the author asserts, or at work might simply be a different or more generalized form of the phenomenon of stupidity.


There have been three attacks on my family of late by BlowerBoy, that is, the adult caucasian male, paunched and balding, approximate age 35, local to my neighborhood who transparently wields his leafblower [sic] as a weapon and has been terrorizing my family through this and other means for years now, yet who is difficult (though not impossible) to prosecute for his manifold crimes--and they are crimes, I recently epiphanied. The latest was on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, when he again committed the official crime of defiant trespass:  observing his truck on the corner I decided to go outside to gather some intel. Upon departing my back door I was rudely slapped in the face with all the intel I needed at that moment, as I observed he and his young henchman putting his ladders away, and in doing so clearly trespassing on my property.

In years past, though relations with him were poor even then, I permitted him access to my property as a convenience to him, and his employer, my next-door neighbor A.A. But as my distrust of BlowerBoy increased given his continuing misdeeds and injurious actions toward my family and property, I became uncomfortable with his presence and began notifying him, and even his father at that time, that he was no longer permitted to enter my family's property--a stipulation that he breezily and openly flaunts to this day.

BlowerBoy during the December 29 incident made a throw-away attempt at insult by observing that I write "little books" that mention persons from the neighborhood. This hapless brother continues to operate from the standpoint of categorical ignorance, that is, lack of knowledge, and probably worse, of essentially everything that his retrograde (that is, very poor or well below-average) intellect vainly tries to process.

I've known this individual since he was a child and knew his parents, as well. In fact, my very first introduction to him was when he was a boy, and in that instance, too, he was trespassing in my yard, just as he readily and frequently does, today. Evidently his cognitive faculty has not developed sufficient to include a basic understanding of the notion of property rights, and a basic consideration for the expressed preferences of others.

Unfortunately, I can even report, more specifically, from ample and repeat first-hand experience with him once an adult, that he's developed into a rather deplorable human being. He is impatient and knowledge-poor (that is, ignorant), uncivilized, foul-mouthed, vitriolic, aggressive, violent, and vindictive, as he himself acknowledged, twice, to me. This hapless brother simply doesn't understand, and indeed knows absolutely zero about, me, and far worse, the nature of the pernicious phenomenon that he's an integral part of, the force that I term "nonLove." Nor does he possess any acquaintance with the nature and scope of my seminal, sophisticated work in combatting it, that is, my unique and powerful study and aggressive promotion of, Love, properly understood.

BlowerBoy, whose real name will be included in my finished published product, as will every antagonist's, simply has no idea that his years-long crimes of defiant trespass, criminal mischief, and other errant actions toward me and my family (full detail upon publication), that continue to this day, will live-on for years in my prose (my books and articles), music, media interviews, radio program, and public pronouncements, marking him forever in infamy as an emotionally-profligate, low-level criminal who caused needless pain and suffering to a loving and wonderful family whose only request was that he leave them alone--which he simply never would and evidently never could.

In truth, that which we can confidently describe as "little" in this perverse social enterprise is the mechanism of cognition of BlowerBoy, and the quotient of morality of those who continue to hire him, though virtually begged by me, not to do so.

criminal behavior

BlowerBoy, initials M.W., the individual responsible for many attacks on my family over the years, including this most recent that left this organic debris and filth covering our new car and being deposited into its every seam and crevice, bombastically and vitriolically made it clear to me, thrice, that I was a "scumbag" for not permitting him to regularly traverse my property, with a helper, taking large metal ladders and returning large metal ladders each time from their depository location on my neighbor's property, who is his client, walking with them within literal inches of our car.

The blanket of filth on our car is so thick, diffuse, and extended that you can barely make out the back of the car, from the front. Can you?

This despoiling of our beautiful new vehicle comprised part of what I term the "December 04, 2020 Attack" on our family by BlowerBoy, this large-scale depositing of detritus actually effected by BlowerBoy's helper, that day. During my exchange with the helper, BlowerBoy, himself, for some reason, walked onto my driveway, again, trespassing, with apparent intent to assault me, unmasked, as I recall, as was his helper. His helper held him back. BlowerBoy is about 33 years old; I'm over 60. Rue the day that he has to try to explain to a municipal judge why he assaulted a 60+ year-old man.

This small, single photo is inadequate to illustrate how comprehensively the filth was blown on and across our beautiful, brand-new car by A., BlowerBoy's helper. Multiple, larger photos revealing the filth on almost every quadrant of the car are pending.

Later that evening a flat tire on our car was also found on the right side of the car, where the tire could have been deflated with relative anonymity. Then, a week later, a long scratch inside the front windshield was found, almost as long as the entire windshield, itself, constituting major damage to the windshield that must now must be replaced.

Now, again, two days ago, two points of damage on the right side of the front windshield were found--the same side where the flat tire was found, the side of our car that the criminal BlowerBoy walks beside in his coming-and-going to-and-from the outdoor repository for his ladders.

Nor is the socially-retarded BlowerBoy the only star in this book. Consider the "neighbor" who anonymously did this to my front lawn:

neighbor problem problems n.j. nj new jersey

Figure #1 - Gouge in my lawn. Transgressing neighbor said nothing.

It's never too late to correct an injury. Thus, the offending individual should apologize now, or as soon as they realize that what they did was inappropriate.

While we're contemplating the fine crop of neighbors that has sprung up around me, consider my next-door "neighbor," an Orthodox Jewish dolt who painted, or had the city paint, this white parking restriction line in front of MY HOUSE--without asking my permission or running it by me in any way:

neighbor problem problems n.j. nj new jersey infraction violation white parking line without authorization

Figure #3 - White parking line painted on the road in front of our house. Next-door "neighbors" Mischa and Bedra Dimwitz did not ask our permission, consult us, nor even mention it in any way--behavior based on the same explicit narcissism underpinning their behavior of some years ago when they undertook a major 5-part exterior home improvement project, with nary a word to us though we live right next-door, that shook my house and my family to its very core, contributing to the premature death of my Father. Am I asserting that this couple are killers? YES. The only question concerns whether a potential charge would be manslaughter--or murder. Mrs. Dimwitz was notified in advance that the work could kill my Father, given his age, just under 90 years old, and delicate condition of health, but immorally, thoughtlessly, and indeed cruelly blundered on with it, anyway, in fact actually mocking my attempt to dissuade them from their plan.

Anytime I've mentioned this situation the Dimwitz' studiously proffer no response, and in fact, the one time Mr. Dimwitz did obliquely mention it, he completely bungled what our claim actually is. This brother and sister are not among our brightest. For a quick-and-dirty explanation of the behavior of these kids, see the section Young and Stupid in VOLUME I of my AGAPE TRILOGY. Eventually, by the way, as my TRILOGY gains in popularity, their children will naturally start asking question of these years, and this couple will have to start attempting to explain their base, cruel, and simply deplorable behavior--toward persons of advancing age, no less. My mother is 90 years old now, for example, and I am almost 61. I also intend to report them to Jewish rabbinical or other Jewish theological authorities.

That this power-couple of the dark heart could again commit explicit acts of narcissism, just as they did previously, suggests that they've learned little, if anything, of Love of neighbor, their religious pretensions notwithstanding. I specify the plural, acts, since they continue to commit an even more robust body of transgression than I've yet mentioned in this summary description:   1.) they continue to hire BlowerBoy, 2.) they are still causing an unacceptable, near-continuous daily din with their vehicle doors, and 3.) they have not yet requested revocation of the court-ordered mediation agreement between us, that specifies that neither family can speak to the other, about anything, no matter its gravity.

It's never too late to correct an injury, however. They should act to correct or modify now, or as soon as they realize that what they did was inappropriate. The appropriate course would be to apologize, then seek my approval and act accordingly, including possible removal.

In violating our physical space the Dimwitz couple clearly and obviously violate our psychological space, and illustrate that they suffer the same moral failing as BlowerBoy, "The Retard":  a complete and categorical lack of respect for the integrity of our home and what is ours, in this case our very home, that is, for our feeling of comfort and safety, that is, the complete lack of respect...for us.

And since this couple, orthodox Jewish, runs around the neighorhood bible in hand, figuratively and literally, their disregard of us means a disrespect for themselves, as they readily violate their own moral code. In contradistinction, the Dimwitz couple are so concerned with maintaining the integrity of their space, that they installed surveillance cameras at both the front and back doors to their house several years ago.

This disrespect, in fact, is the linchpin failing of several families on our block who suffer a common social disease, "We-wanna-do-what-we-wanna-do-itis," not contracted through through sexual intercourse, commission, but from failure to conduct proper social intercourse, omission.

Let us also similarly consider the next orthodox Jewish Clueless Couple, Mischa & Avia Barnyard, who in their own ways have been contributing to the psychological torture and thus physical decline of my family, including and especially my Mother, almost 90 years old, for some time now:

neighbor problem problems n.j. nj new jersey infraction violation detritus blowing on my property

Figure #4 - The latest uninvited visitor to my property, clearly seen on the ground on the right side of our car:  detritus in the form of a piece of square white material, probably Styrofoam, typically used for protection and shock absorption when boxing and transporting appliances or other heavy objects. The detritus blew up my driveway, likely from the unsecurad garbage of my neighbors, The Barnyards, directly across the street, as that's the wind pattern on this block.

I have requested previously of these neighbors, however, The Barnyards, the Man & Woman of God, on at least one occasion, that they secure their loose pizza boxes and other cardboard trash lest it blow onto the property of ourselves and others, which it routinely does, but, as with the Dimwitz family right next door whose continuing negligence contributes to the same problem--they're evidently too busy contemplating the theological significance of their own navels to comply with this reasonable demand, beneficial for my family, the block, and the city, and presumably from their point of view--the salvation of their own souls.

I note that detritus in the form of a brown cardboard box was resident at this precise location, as well, for several months, having blown up my driveway from the unsecured cardboard refuse from the Dimwitz's property. The box is actually still there, in flattened and eviscerated form.

Said violations of property, especially on the scale and with the variety at which they do and have occurred on this small block, including noise travel and chemical trespass, fully described and documented in the completed version of this book, have long-generated pernicious and insidious feelings of danger, isolation, and psychological encroachment.

Again, it's never too late to correct an injury. Whether five minutes, hours, or decades has elapsed, if a wrong, no matter how apparently slight, can be corrected--which it almost always can--it should be. This keeps The Force in balance, as it were, that is, keeps the moral universe as balanced as it can be, keeps transgressors honest and always striving to eliminate mistakes, and helps eliminate or ameliorate anger, thus helping the victims maintain mental health.

In short, correction of an injury, to use the famous Jewish phrase, helps "heal the world."

neighbor problem problems n.j. nj new jersey infraction violation detritus blowing on my property

Figure #5 - View down my driveway from the opposite direction, illustrating a small portion of the house in blue, GODCENTRAL, so named because the God-enabled power couple that lives here, originally from affluent Livingston, N.J. consists of a Rabbi and evidently highly-placed AISH executive, and his wife, a "...trained Three Principles/Innate Health practitioner..."

Surely a man and woman responsible for introducing extraordinary good into the world?

This is also the house from which the aforementioned garbage regularly issues forth onto the block, as well as from which the murderous "BlowerBoy" is repeatedly invited onto the street, though I've all but begged the Man of God to refrain from same, as this individual is responsible for years, until today, of torturing myself and my family. The Man of God asserts that he continues to hire this criminal for grasscutting and odd jobs because he's "cheap and convenient," quote.

Also illustrated in this photo, coincidentally, is yet another problem and point of discourtesy, incivility and insensitivity on the part of this theological power couple:  note the commercial vehicle parked inappropriately, not only blocking the small driveway behind it, but making it difficult, if not impossible for me to withdraw our car from our driveway, made all the worse given the mounds of snow all over. This is a recurring problem with various vehicles associated with the Barnyards.

The Barnyards should be monitoring or apprising their contractors not to park in that location. Then again, why would they worry about this kind of relatively small transgression, when they couldn't care less about the far more grievous transgression committed in continuing to bring BlowerBoy, a literal criminal, onto our block, mere feet from our home, where he remains well-positioned to continue torturing us via several means?

Two days ago, upon preparing to pull out of our driveway I happened to spy the owner of the pictured truck and told him that I was pulling my car out. He was perfectly civil in attitude and did move his vehicle--temporarily--to provide my rightful clearance. The point is, however, that vehicle shouldn't have been there in the first place. What if the individual had not come out? I would have been forced into the stressful and awkward position of knocking on the Barnyard's door, their animal-like behavior having caused our affirmative neighbor relationship to deteriorate into retrograde.

AISH, the Rabbi's employer advises:

neighbor problem problems n.j. nj new jersey infraction violation detritus blowing on my property

"...every Jew."

Neither myself nor my family is Jewish. I guess we're out of luck.

This is the, or at least a, problem with at least some of the orthodox Jews on my block:  if you're not one of them, you don't count. This is my perception and experience, arguably implied, if not reinforced, by the two pro-Jewish websites cited, below.

Mischa Barnyard's actual position is Director of Jinspire Branches. Jinspire, according to its website, is:

"Jinspire, a division of Project Inspire and a program of Aish HaTorah, is a grassroots organization for Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. Jinspire seeks to promote Jewish unity and identity."

It also has a Facebook page. Spend time browsing through both of these sites and see if you don't feel as lonely as I do. You realize that these people are fully committed evidently to themselves and themselves alone. There is no mention whatsoever of any group other than Jews. Here I am knocking myself out preaching a philosophy of the unity of ALL people, now realizing that orthodox Jews will never accept this philosophy. They evidently don't see themselves as united with all people--only with other Jews.

When I first met Mischa Barnyard about ten years ago, he told me, explicitly and emphatically, to "forget that I'm a Rabbi." I recall the telephone conversation clearly. Nor by this was he attempting to make himself seem un-intimidating. I can see now, given the pattern of discourtesy and insensitivity of he and his wife that has readily developed against me, that by this he wanted to emplace a complete wall of separation between what he actually is, a 1000% pro-Jewish unity representative and activist, and the way that the non-Jewish world sees and interacts with him, and what it's expectation of him is. As a philosopher I thought it opportune to discuss big ideas with him, a rabbi, but he was not interested, telling me instead to forget that he was a rabbi. This admonition, now, as then, is as queer as it is baffling as it is deplorable, for it suggests bias against non-Jews, and thus a rejection, an emasculation, of the notion and principle that we're all brothers and sisters in one human family.

I recall that some years ago in this neighborhood the Jewish community had set up a safe-house system in the area whereby any Jewish child who felt threatened on the street could immediately find protection in any home displaying the symbol for the safe-house program. The program was for Jewish children only.

Moreover, with reference to the admonition, above, "TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR FAMILY," while orthodox Jews vociferously uphold the sanctity of family as an evident article of faith, "neighbors" Barnyard and Dimwitz have apparently made it their life mission to obstruct my own attempts to properly caregive my Mother, one month shy of her 90th birthday. They've done this, among other ways, by repeatedly introducing intolerable, inappropriate, and highly injurious leafblower noise, and associated problems, to our ambient soundscape, and in doing so permit "BlowerBoy," an adult quasi-criminal with a proven history of injury to my family, ready and continuing access to our house, home, and property. I've spoken to both men about this problem, to no avail.

Moreover, I have discovered that I may have developed Tinnitus, an incurable condition, likely from the hyper-loud leafblower and related noise, generated principally by BlowerBoy, that they stupidly authorize for use around our home, almost year-round.

Why my sarcastic and facetious language, above? Aside from the fact that these people are literally killing me?

Because 1.) as a philosopher I take ideas seriously, including religious ideas, and eschew their distortion, 2.) I hate hypocrites, that is, people who distort or emasculate stated beliefs by contrary behavior, and 3.) as an Agape Master I deplore bigotry, which seems to exist on this block, and, more generally, 4.) I HATE SELFISH PEOPLE, AND THOSE WHO HURT OTHERS.

Since I happily, nay, joyously emplaced my placard of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in my front window, over a year now, present 24/7/365, how many of my orthodox Jewish neighbors have made a favorable remark, or indeed any remark, at all, about the placard?




The above four examples, each perpetrated by a different individual, "neighbor," for the optimistically good-hearted among you, just several of many crimes and transgressions that my family has suffered during our 25 years on this block, mostly by Orthodox Jews but by some ostensibly Christian families, as well, illustrate the root of the social retardation present here that we might call, only half in-jest, Narcissistic Property Syndrome (NPS), whereby the sufferer imagines, or acts as if, someone else's property is their property. This, of course, leaves the actual property owners emasculated and demoralized, feeling, in fact, that they're not the owners of their own property, at all, it must be a public space for anyone to tread on, to invade physically or psychologically, and thus has suffered me and my family for years in this ostensibly religious community.

NPS, in fact, is simply one of many expressions of the larger human phenomenon and problem of ego, that, in concert with capitalism, defines the retrograde character of our human family and society in the modern age. Establishment of the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, a morally and functionally actualized society, will, of course, eliminate this entire problem.


IN MY WORLD people simply don't treat each other this way. It would be completely alien to them and they wouldn't dream of it. In my world, notions, concepts, and principles with names like decency, empathy, compassion, patience, help, and sensitivity still exist. I'm over 60 years old:  is the world of decency, love, consideration, fairness, and RESPECT too old-fashioned for you, my young, untutored neighbors?

In my world, and the world of persons of good character and love, if such bastions even exist anymore, or ever existed in the first place, people are responsive to each other. In fact, they oftentimes don't need to be responsive, as the level of sensitivity to others is so high all the time that transgressions, infractions, or infringements don't generally happen in the first place.

In my world, a person wouldn't dream of hurting another, deliberately or by accident. And the ongoing philosophical debate in such a society, amongst both scholars, and people on the street, would revolve around such topics as, which is the worse transgression, advertent injury to another, or the carelessness of inadvertent injury?

In my world, if they were apprised that action or behavior of theirs was injurious, they would cease it immediately, with an apology and genuine offer of recompense--not attempt to justify it by asserting that said injurious course of action was desirable for them because it was "cheap and convenient." This is an actual justification that I received for the continuation of extremely injurious action against my family, committed by someone on my block asserting himself a "Rabbi."

And in my world, if someone did injure another, they would redress it fully and without hesitation--and without prompting. And they certainly would not play duck-and-cover with the individual whom they injured, as my neighbors do, down-the-block, and across the street. Behavior such as is continually exhibited by BlowerBoy, trespassing on my family's property time and again because it's to his convenience, and despoiling that property over many years in many ways (see photo of auto, above, covered in filth) and then when confronted, calling me a "sc*mbag," followed by, I believe, vandalism of our beautiful new car that we love so much, and is so important for us to take Mom for medical treatments, for example--such despicable, downright criminal behavior is simply unknown in my world.


Whether a local neighbor or someone else, if you've been highlighted and your behavior critiqued in this book, VOLUME II of my AGAPE TRILOGY, I suggest that you:

  1. Select the appropriate emotion, such as shame or guilt, not just the one that you initially experience, which is probably anger, frustration, or hubris (extreme or foolish pride or arrogance, often paired with presumption), then--

  2. Direct it to the appropriate person, which would obviously be yourself.

  3. Look at the situation philosophically, and from the standpoint of the greater good.

It is entirely possible that the antagonists on my block have viewed this book draft, are displeased with it, my treatment of they and their actions, specifically,


Astute readers or those conversant with the strictures of observation in the social or physical sciences may assert the imprudence of a priori publishing of an ongoing narrative, as is the relationship between me and my neighbors. The neighbors reading my strong critique, here, including criticisms, may take offense or feel alienated, which in turn could further adversely prejudice their behavior toward me, partially creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Of course, this is possible. I can assure the reader, however, that a sea of offenses by my neighbors occurred, and over a long period of time, in fact, prior to my introduction of this draft. In fact, it was the number and severity of the transgressions that prompted me to begin writing this book in the first place.

My neighbors taking offense at this critique of their behavior and shifting further away from me, accordingly, is little different than the criminal's discomfit at a forced re-union with his victims. It should be expected that they will harbor ill will toward the criminal, and if this disturbs the criminal he should have avoided a life of crime. Similarly, if my local neighbors eschew criticism of their behavior and moral posture they must guard and take care that said behavior remains good and thus does not invite such criticism.

Perhaps the largest overall objection or significant phenomenon such accounts would generate since they suggest an inaccurate self-image, is the denial or relegation of charges because "I'm not that kind of person." When you suggest an error in someone's self-image you might as well "take the blue pill," for all the good it will do you in your attempt to step out of the Matrix of human cruelty and selfish error.

The field researcher must not alert the object of their research to their presence, lest this knowledge affect the behavior of the research object, invalidating the research as the behavior of the subject will not unfold as it naturally and otherwise would have. Ultimately, I'll shed two but not three tears if the objects of my research bristle at my recording, study, and chronicle of their errant behavior, as the probative reality, brothers and sisters, is that neither myself nor my family has ever harmed a soul on this block--explicitly to the contrary, in fact. Were that the same could be said of several of these other families, here.

We can only speculate as to who laughs harder at my folly, the Fates, the Gods, or perhaps just a few of the guys hanging around the streetcorner, in the form of my surprise and melancholy at the behavior of my neighbors, as stupidity, hypocrisy, contradiction, and cruelty have marked human behavior since time immemorial, and perhaps always will, even, and perhaps especially, among those who fancy themselves wearing, or deserving, a halo.

Should I really be surprised and emotionally affected?


And you don't even know it. In a culture of death, such as ours, everyone is affected; it's simply a matter of how, and when. My oblivious neighbors, permitting leafblower use on their property are actually, though unwittingly, permitting the opening-wide of the blackened gates of death to they, their families, and their neighbors.

The presence of BlowerBoy in my neighborhood is enabled by several families who continue to hire him for his tinpot lawncutting and leafblowing services, these "services" unacceptably injurious to adults, kids, and environment, serious injury evidently unknown by the local residents, who appear to subscribe to the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil philosophy. If they only knew of the microscopic debris and detritus, including all manner of highly injurious "ultra-fine particulates" (UFPs) that their kids were breathing in every time this purile purveyor of putrid death came around, "leafblowing" (read: mass destruction of nature, at high volume) for literally four-and-five hours at a time (he's padding his bill, BTW), they'd be horrified:  asbestos, feces, rubber, bacteria, viruses, pollen, sand, insect parts, and much other pernicia among the mix.

Yes, this is what they and their children (and you and your children) are likely breathing in each time a leafblower is used on their property, or a nearby property. If you're pregnant it's especially dangerous, as well. To keep your family safe, then, it's not enough to discontinue blower use yourself, you must educate your neighbors so they cease such operations, also. Tell your landscapers they must convert to a rake and broom, or they're fired. Better yet, your family can do its own raking and sweeping; it's a great outdoor family activity.


asbestos from leafblower

Asbestos fiber magnified with scanning electron microscope. This is just one of many pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

These devices represent huge overkill for many reasons, including that they kick up clouds of every manner of injurious filth from the ground, such as asbestos fibers, above, and introduce them into the air, where they disperse widely, the hazardous particulates often remaining suspended in air for hours. Your unsuspecting children, or yourselves, or your neighbors children, or elderly parents, then readily breathe them in, and are greatly injured, especially from the ultra-fine particulates (UFPs), which can affect the heart and cardio-vascular system.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Just ask the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

common industrial dust from leafblower

Common industrial dust magnified with scanning electron microscope. More of the toxic witch's brew of pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

steel particulate from leafblower

Steel particles magnified with scanning electron microscope. Another of many pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

insect parts from leafblower

Insect parts magnified with scanning electron microscope. Yet another of the pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

fertilizer particulate from leafblower

Fertilizer particles magnified with scanning electron microscope. Another of many pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

mold particulate from leafblower

Mold particles magnified with scanning electron microscope. Another of many pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

rodent feces particulate from leafblower

Particles of rodent feces magnified with scanning electron microscope. Another of many pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.


Nor do closed doors and windows necessarily shield you from any of this...this is the death that BlowerBoy and other landscaping companies using leafblowers are handing you and your family each time they use their monstrous blowing machines. I've known BlowerBoy many years, and I know him now--I assure you that he knows zero about any of this, nor do most landscaping companies. Those that do are likely to conceal or obfuscate this information, as they would likely fear that acknowledgement might interfere with established business operations and thus profit-taking.

The answer? Insist on employ of the simple, effective, time-tested, COMPLETELY SAFE rake-and-broom, especially given that our lawns and yards are so tiny. Lawnmowing should be done with a small, consumer-style gas mower, brand new, or better yet an electric mower as they have no discharge at all, or even better, an old-fashioned reel (i.e. push) mower. The tiny lawns in my neighborhood would admit of a push mower very nicely.

In doing so you'll also help stop the overheating of the planet, as gas leafblowers, notorious for being "dirty," that is, especially polluting, devices, and gas lawnmowers contribute to climate change. Such personal commitment to finally address climate change is extremely appropriate given 1.) the putative (i.e. agreed-upon) severity of the problem, 2.) catastrophic consequences for the human race if not rectified, and 3.) President Biden's major new comprehensive program, formally announced just this past Earth Day, for a realistic, permanent, large-scale solution. Further important information and perspective on the President's efforts is here.

In reading these informational materials you'll note the singular emphasis on reducing emissions from vehicles, as these engines are especially polluting and detrimental to the ozone and the environment, contributing most directly and perniciously to climate change. What is not understood, which I am about to teach you, is that a leafblower is essentially a small, very dirty vehicle engine strapped to the blower operator's back. Throttling the blower for use is precisely the same, in fact far worse, as depressing the accelerator on a small, highly-polluting car:  sitting in intimate proximity to your house. If your "landscaper" uses their blower for thirty minutes, that is precisely the same as someone sitting in a small, highly polluting car in front of, back of, and on either side of your house--with the gas pedal mashed to the floor, or close to it for thirty minutes. As is ubiquitously reported, such is the effect of use of a so-called leafblower. In permitting such use, you are literally killing your family and others around you slowly with invisible, but assuredly present, gases, and filthy, toxic airborne particulates.

This book is not called NEIGHBORS OF DEATH without warrant (i.e. for nothing).

In my previous work with NOISE FREE AMERICA and my present work as Leafblower Hazard Specialist (LHS) and noise writer, I prefer a more accurate and descriptive term such as "Debris Blower" or "Debris Cannon."

FACT:  if you or your neighbors have children, elderly, are pregnant, may be chemically sensitive, or have or may be developing tinnitus, you categorically do NOT want leafblowers of any kind anywhere near your home, or even in your neighborhood.

(Figure #4)


But it's not just BlowerBoy injuring my own family, though he is the worst on a day-to-day basis. In my world, if a family is producing inordinate continuing jolting and jarring noise by slamming their SUV doors, especially in the morning, disturbing the neighbors living right next door in extremely close proximity, as my family was disturbed, and said neighbors repeatedly attempted to peacefully resolve the problem through dialogue with the offending family, the offending family resolves the problem in this peaceable, decent, and neighborly way--they don't turn the tables on the victims and blindside them by calling the police on them, followed by--are you ready for this--pressing charges for harassment. Such childish, immature, immoral, obtuse, and indeed dastardly actions and attitudes would be unheard of, and considered downright shameful in their insensitivity, selfishness, and immorality, in my world and the world of genuinely mature, intelligent, decent, and moral people, everywhere.

Other stupidities and cruelties committed by errant individuals on this block include, believe it or not, the crime of manslaughter, if not murder, committed by a young Orthodox Jewish couple, apart from the so-called "Rabbi," mentioned above. No, I'm not kidding. Volume I when published will reveal all:  names, photos, and crimes.

If this is what "orthodox" Judaism is, perhaps the faith might benefit by its adherents displaying a measure less orthodoxy.

Let us work together--even BlowerBoy if he can manage to cease violations, compensate us, and begin to earn my trust--to build a world of Love where such behavior is simply unknown. Make my world your world, and our world. A respectful warning, however:  if your belief system is, in any way, impeding a full posture of Love toward others not of your belief system, then I must submit the morally obvious:  you follow the wrong belief system, making you ultimately part of the problem, not the solution.


Upon publication of NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, some may ask, "Why did you put me in your book?"

The proper answer to this query is:  I did not put you in my book. I do not put people in my book. If you are in my book, your behavior put you there. If your behavior toward me and my family has been atrocious, then you've caused us much pain and you will likely be in this book. If your behavior has been wonderful, then you have spared us pain, or perhaps even helped us overcome pain from other quarters, and will likely also be in this book. In both cases your inclusion is warranted because you are an exemplar (that is, an excellent example of) of a certain kind of behavior:  very bad, or very good, and, as such, useful to the several objectives of the book.

In the former, you're an exemplar of a human being whom we must studiously seek and resolve not to emulate, for such persons make life hell for other people and degrade quality of life, and thus ultimately destroy society. A real-life example of same, from this book, is Mischa & Bedra Dimwitz, who have clearly demonstrated their immaturity, social inexperience, gross narcissism, and cavalier attitude toward even their next-door neighbor, obviously suffering, I might add. In the latter case, you are an exemplar of a human being we love and respect, and want and need to emulate, a human being of love, sensitivity, respect, and care. The kind of person we must emulate, for, collectively, they bring our human family together and make our existential sojourn bearable, if not wonderful.

Such persons help us ensure that our time alive is lived fully and happily, and we, theirs, which cannot happen if our lives are characterized by pain and inordinate burden. And since most pain and burden that we suffer comes at the hands of others, our task as moral beings is to identify and attack, not those others, but the systems of belief and behavior that inform their pernicious actions and attitudes.

This is the principle objective of all my work. Those of Love or who aspire to be:  support me.

Love is life-affirming. It substantiates and helps extend and enrich life. NonLove is death-affirming, thus the title of this volume:  NEIGHBORS OF DEATH.


I might add that there are no children in this book. Every person in this book identified as a transgressor and antagonist is a full-blown adult. If you are one of these individuals, you are here, and have been presented for study because you've done bad things to me and my family. If you've hurt us, perhaps you've hurt others, as well. Fortunately for you, those others are likely not social scientists, political writers, or, indeed, revolutionaries. I am all of these. You have fallen into this spider web because, through injurious behavior, you've put yourself here.

So don't complain. Time to grow up. Take your medicine. Don't blame me, your victim. Blame yourself. You weren't complaining when you were torturing me, and by extrapolation and implication, my family, for your own ends--don't complain now. A basic principle of the physical world is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Welcome to the reaction. This book, and whatever events flow from it, is that reaction to what you have done.

If, after carefully reading my accounts, now and especially when the finished volume is published, you don't fully understand why you are included for criticism, here, you may simply ask me, and I'll tell you--that is, if I don't fear you. For there are certain neighbors who have proven themselves over the years here on Fallen court violent, potentially violent, or at least very aggressive and malign. I feel no obligation to speak truth to such persons if I think it likely that they will attempt to retaliate or otherwise further injure me or my family.

Such is the errant and unfortunate cycle of human experience when people hurt each other. Over time, if my Message of Love is accepted, and formalized in society, effecting a categorical shift in the complexion and character of human society, such errant cycles will likely never again occur, or will be far less significant because they'll be far less injurious and far less frequent. We'll have established heaven on Earth--or as close as we humans will ever come.


NEIGHBORS OF DEATH is a nonfiction book under development, comprising volume two of a three-volume book project treating Agape [uh gop' ay], "brotherly love" in the language of Greek philosophy, and a part of a larger, multipart multimedia project including the three-volume set on Agape, a musical release, and a radio program, by writer and Philosopher of Love Vincent Frank De Benedetto.

Love, properly understood, is the most powerful social force available to humankind [© 2020 VFD], and, according to political philosopher Erich Fromm, "...the only answer to the problem of human existence."


The finished three-volume set will likely include source material such as the real names, and photographs, of transgressors, that is, the actual "neighbors of death" that I and my family have had to contend with, that had, and in fact continue to, make our lives such a Hell, and have, indeed, robbed us of our very home. This neighborhood, I realized early on, is likely as good a laboratory for the recording and study of human behavior, as any other.

This site is not the book, itself, but a combination 1.) promotional site for the pending book, 2.) vehicle to begin to introduce our human family to these extremely powerful and essential ideas, and my associated seminal program for social change, and, 3.) warning, of sorts, to all with ears to hear, to cease all injurious behavior toward my family, unless you aspire to be portayed in a very poor light across all media--books, radio, music, television, film--forever.

In fact, we have our tormentors, you have your tormentors, and this is a world of pain as humans continue to cause pain to other humans. Happily, however, we have access to another way to be, another way to live, another way to see and understand our fellow human beings.

Properly understood, it's called LOVE.



NOISE:  Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide, the anti-Noise, anti-Leafblower Handbook